Mercury Free (White) Fillings

Mercury Free, tooth coloured white fillings

Heath risks of mercury tooth fillings

While both amalgam fillings and white fillings are viable options, there can be some issues with amalgam fillings. One of the concerns is that mercury tooth fillings expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. This eventually weakens the structure of your teeth, which can cause your teeth to break or decay. Mercury tooth fillings also require removing large parts of your teeth. By drilling into the soft dentin to insert the mercury filling, the surrounding tooth structure may be significantly damaged. A fracture of your tooth may eventually require a dental crown or even root canal.

Mercury amalgam tooth fillings also release poisonous mercury vapor. There is no such thing as a harmless level of mercury, yet there are still dentists & patients who refuse to accept these facts.

Many people with mercury tooth fillings are having them replaced due to the damage they can do to the structure of the teeth, as well as health concerns.

Benefits of tooth coloured fillings / white fillings

An excellent alternative to mercury is tooth-colored fillings made from composite materials or resin. Tooth-coloured fillings bond to your teeth and can actually strengthen them.

Tooth coloured fillings look like your natural tooth in colour, and are far less noticeable than mercury fillings. Tooth coloured fillings are much less sensistve to hot or cold temperatires, which is not the case for mercury fillings. Tooth coloured fillings require removing less of the natural tooth structure than does filling with mercury.

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