Laser Dentistry

At Clayton Market Dental, we use a soft tissue laser for a number of procedures that will improve your teeth, gums and oral health. Dr. Kooner is certified and trained to use the Picasso Dental Laser which is specifically designed to replace cutting with scalpels. The use of the Picasso Dental Laser reduces trauma and post operative pain by coagulating the bleeding as it cuts and preventing unnecessary damage to surrounding tissues.

The Picasso Dental Laser eliminates the need for any incisions or stitching during treatments such as gum contouring and elimination of canker sores. The high energy beam disinfects the tissue and controls bleeding which helps minimize trauma and increase healing time.

The Picasso Dental Laser can be used for the following laser dentistry procedures:

  • Gum contouring and shaping
  • Frenectomies
  • Removal of small growths on the gums and lips
  • Elimination of cold sores and canker sores
  • Periodontal therapy
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