Oral Surgery

Wisdom teeth removal / extraction

Reasons for Widsom Tooth Extraction

wisdom-teethAt Clayton Market Dental, we believe the best and safest treatment options for wisdom teeth removal (extraction) is early detection and early removal/extraction.

Wisdom teeth are the last or third molars that grow in the back of the mouth. Provided there is sufficient space for the wisdom teeth, they will usually erupt later in the teenage years. It is important to determine at a young age if there is enough room for the wisdom teeth to fit in the mouth. To determine this, we utilize a special X-ray called a panoramic radiograph.

One of the more common reasons for wisdom tooth removal/extraction is insufficient length in the arch to accommodate the wisdom teeth. Left growing, the wisdom teeth can become impacted (stuck together).

Avoid difficulty by extracting wisdom teeth early

Because the roots of wisdom teeth grow longer as a patient ages, along with the jawbone becoming harder, it is of paramount importance that wisdom teeth removal be performed at a young age, where there is the least risk or difficulty.

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